The Changing Business Environment

How eprentise Software Helps Finance Teams

Armed with eprentise Software, Finance teams reduce the complexity of financial operations and reporting. Reducing valuable time and resources translates into a lower Total Cost of Ownership of E-Business Suite, increased return on investment, and an ERP system that aligns with the current business without a lot of spreadsheets and data manipulations. eprentise Software enables transparency among operations and facilitates compliance with different statutory and regulatory requirements within your EB environment.

Our eprentise and FlexField software enables you to keep your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environment agile and aligned with your changing business by providing you the needed tools to make cost-effective time-sensitive changes to mission-critical data while maintaining data integrity and consistency.


How It Works

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  • Improved productivity resulting in lower administrative and maintenance costs, elimination of manual efforts in reconciliation.
  • Consistent view of the business enables seamless comparison of the performances of various business units and reliable management information.
  • Ability to respond quickly to business demands for new processes or information access.
  • Enforcement of data quality, elimination of redundant data and processes.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of EBS and increased Return on Investment (ROI).

eprentise provides software that accelerates business change by providing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users the ability to change any data in order to align with new business initiatives across the enterprise.

Whether the entities are charts of accounts, calendars, legal entities, operating units, inventory orgs, or entire EBS instances, eprentise software determines the gaps between a source and a user defined target data structure (i.e. a new instance, a new operating unit , new chart of accounts). Then automatically generates the code to copy, filter, change, move, and merge the source data into the target data structure. In the process the source and target may be compared, standards may be applied, conflicts identified and resolved, and differences in business processes reconciled.

eprentise software automatically identifies and resolves gaps between the source and the target in the correct sequence to maintain data integrity, resulting in complete, consistent and correct data that are aligned with the business processes.

The results are EBS systems agile enough to support changing business requirements and streamline operations, avoiding reimplementation and lowering the total cost of ownership of your ERP.

The Process

Identify business changes, such as consolidation, reorganization or standardization.

Our software automatically generates the code to copy, filter, change, move, and merge the source data into the user-defined target data structure.

Result: Complete, Consistent and Correct data that are aligned with your business processes.

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