FlexField® Add-On's

Some FlexField® projects have additional complexity which may require additional purchase of licenses for FlexField® Add-On Modules. See the list below for descriptions:

Filter-by-Ledger – With the FlexField Filter-by-Ledger module, organizations can specify specific ledgers to be changed rather than all ledgers under a
given COA. This can be especially useful when rolling out a new chart of accounts in waves across the organization, changing one ledger because of statutory requirements, or phasing in COA changes a ledger at
a time.

Split Balancing Segment Add-on – When used in conjunction with the FlexField software, the Split Balancing Segment Add-on enables an
organization to split up a balancing segment value (company code) into many new balancing segment values (a one-to-many relationship at the balancing
segment value level).  The Split Balancing Segment Add-On is required if you are changing the Balancing Segment attribute to another segment and do not have a one-to-one mapping between the existing balancing segment value and the new balancing segment value.

HR Cost Allocation Add-on – In EBS, other flexfields can depend on the segments and values of the accounting flexfield (COA) and if changes are
made to the COA using the FlexField software, you will need to change the related flexfields. Oracle reports HR related expenses (Payroll, iExpenses, etc.)
through the HR Cost Allocation Flexfield to the Accounting Flexfield (COA) and General Ledger. As these flexfields are intrinsically linked, if a change has
been made to the COA the HR Cost Allocation flexfield must be aligned concurrently to accommodate the update.

Federal Add-on – If you are using Government Budgeting or Federal Reports to report up to the USSGL, you will need to run the FlexField Federal add-on software after you have used FlexField software to change your COA. This will update the data in the federal reporting tables to correspond to your new
chart of accounts.

Grants Accounting Module – Organizations who are using Grants Accounting to track grants and funded projects will be familiar with the PTAEO
accounting string used to monitor these projects’ financials. While similar in structure and linked to the accounting flexfield, the grants accounting
information will need to be aligned after any changes are made to the COA using the Grants Accounting Add-on Module.

Filter-by-BSV within a Ledger Add-on – The Filter-by-BSV add-on module allows a change only to selected Balancing Segment Values within a
Ledger. This add-on will permit changing a BSV only within a single ledger without affecting that same balancing segment value that may be used in other
ledgers. This solution is intended for new installations and will convert only the general ledger though subledger transactions can be handled with the help of the eprentise reorganization software.

New COA structure: Companies that have multiple instances of Oracle EBS in different countries may face issues as all have different chart of accounts. Using eprentise Flexfield software they can change each of their COAs to a global chart of accounts.

Add additional segments to COA: A company may need to track financials for different areas of the business than when they first implemented Oracle E-Business Suite. It is hard to find a way to change the underlying structure of the accounting flexfield itself and extremely expensive to go through a lengthy re-implementation. FlexField® can make rapid changes to the structure of their accounting flexfield, adding the required segment.

FlexField makes changing your E-Business Suite Chart of Accounts very inexpensive, especially when compared to time-consuming reimplementations and months of consulting fees.

Each FlexField COA Unit is a license to change one named accounting flexfield in one Oracle E-Business Suite production instance one time, and any number of times in associated non-production instances. Prices quoted are per accounting flexfield. The license fee includes remote support from the eprentise team to guide you through the installation and use of our software. There are no additional or ongoing product support or consulting fees.

For more complex set-ups, additional Add-On’s may be purchased. Please see our Add-On’s page for more detail.

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