Align Your Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS) Chart of Accounts to Match Your Ever-Changing Business Needs

Execute a Dynamic Roadmap

Utilize out-of-the-box software to modify or create a global chart of accounts while maintaining all transaction history.

Significantly improve your financial and managerial reporting while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

Easily change your chart of accounts (COA) to match your current business structure, simplifying your financial and managerial reporting processes, saving time and effort and reducing costly errors.

Changing your chart of accounts will also allow you to meet new or modified statutory and regulatory requirements, while eliminating many ongoing compliance costs. A common chart of accounts provides transparency across global organizations with common definitions, common practices, and less manual reconciliation.

Streamline transaction processing, reduce errors, and decrease user reconciliation costs.

Create a Global COA
to Gain Valuable Insight

Standardize Data & Transaction Processing

Reduce Closing Time
and Costs

Enable Lights-Out Finance for Common Transactions

Minimize Manual Adjustments & Reconciliation

Interface Easily with Business Intelligence & Reporting Applications

Position your financials for future cloud deployment.

One of the greatest roadblocks to a successful migration is bringing messy data with you into a new environment. This can complicate an already overwhelming transition for your team. If you need to change your chart of accounts once you are on a cloud ERP, you will need to reimplement since it is not possible to do in a cloud environment.  If you try to change as part of your cloud migration, your extract, transform, and load scripts will be very complex – hitting every transaction in the system.  That change will force multiple levels of error-handling, recoding, and reconciliation to make sure that the COA change doesn’t break anything in your new cloud environment.

Reorganize your chart of accounts in the familiar EBS environment before migrating to the cloud to ensure a smooth exit, and create a solid foundation for the coming years. 

If you designed your chart of accounts today,
what would you do differently?

Final Solid COA Mapping Transparent-01

Make changes as often as you change your business without the need to reimplement. Model a new chart of accounts in a day to see the impact on all your real data and transactions.

Check Out Our COA Transformation Master Class Webinar

A useful chart of accounts (COA) provides flexibility for recording and reporting financial information, allows uniform management, and enhances communication. Ten fundamental criteria for COA design in Oracle E-Business Suite will allow your business to create a forward-thinking chart of accounts to optimize growth and flexibility, while minimizing maintenance. This master class will go through the COA basics, define COA changes, outline the COA ecosystem, and provide best practices on designing your own chart of accounts.

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