Ace your Audit: Preparing Your Oracle® E-Business Suite for a Financial Audit Webinar

During a traditional audit, users of Oracle E-Business Suite run into the same pain point: they struggle to identify and extract accurate data out because there are not adequate controls around reporting. The data usually ends up coming from multiple places, the level of detail needed isn’t found in the system, and significant time is spent by high-dollar resources to prepare for the audit. However, there are ways to leverage EBS to run industry-standard audit procedures and proactively identify areas of non-compliance in advance for a smoother process. In this session, explore the recommended year-round practices and tools available to ace your audit.

Learning Objectives:  After completion of this program you will be able to:

Objective 1:  Identify pain points of a traditional audit and understand the challenges of preparing Oracle® E-Business Suite for an audit, including finding and tracing the data.

Objective 2:  Recognize how to leverage EBS to run industry-standard audit procedures and identify areas of non-compliance, in order to proactively address and remedy potential issues in advance.

Objective 3:  Explore how using software for regular self-auditing and establishing controls to minimize recurring issues makes preparation more efficient and effective, and cuts down on the auditing time required.

View the post-webinar Q&A and engage with us on our LinkedIn group page, EBS Answers. 

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