To get started with eprentise® simply contact us and an account manager will reach out to schedule a discovery call and get a better understanding of your needs. Following the discovery call a presentation can be arranged with the key decision makers and/or technical members of your team to show you the full capabilities of how our software can help you make the necessary changes to your EBS environment. You will also be provided access to a custom client site to give you access to all the materials you may need for your project, including a diagnostic script, sample project plans, case studies, datasheets, whitepapers, and more. 

Global COA structure: Companies that have multiple instances of Oracle EBS in different countries may face issues as all have different chart of accounts. Using eprentise FlexField software they can consolidate to a global chart of accounts.

Add additional segments to COA: A company may now need to track financials differently than when they first implemented EBS. It is hard to find a way to change the underlying structure of the accounting flexfield itself and extremely expensive to go through a lengthy re-implementation. FlexField® can make rapid changes to the structure of their accounting flexfield, adding or modifying the required segment(s) to facilitate the needed updates.

FlexField makes changing your E-Business Suite chart of accounts very inexpensive, especially when compared to time-consuming reimplementations and months of consulting fees.

Each FlexField COA Unit is a license to change one named accounting flexfield in one Oracle®  E-Business Suite production instance one time, and any number of times in associated non-production instances. Prices quoted are per accounting flexfield. The license fee includes remote support from the eprentise team to guide you through the installation and use of our client-server software. There are no additional or ongoing product support or consulting fees.

For more complex set-ups, additional Add-On’s may be purchased. Please see our Add-On’s page for more detail.

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