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How eprentise Software Helps IT Teams

Bring your project in under budget, get the job done quickly, and have time to spend on more interesting things that provide more value.

You’ll be using state-of-the-art technology – the only commercial software that is risk-free and adapts to any environment without any coding – to make changes to your existing EBS and to get the results your users need.

eprentise and FlexField software enables you to give the business the results it needs quickly, aligning IT with the business and aligning the business with the constantly changing global business environment – within budget and on time.



How It Works

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  • Increased efficiency reducing project timelines, costs and improving accuracy of outcomes.
  • No reimplementation, no migration scripts and no loss of history.
  • Enforcement of data quality, elimination of redundant data and processes.
  • Reduced database footprint resulting in improved performance, improved ease of maintenance, and lower storage costs.
  • No need to keep sunset instances for history.
  • Reduced operating expenses including hardware, licenses and maintenance.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and increased Return on Investment (ROI).

eprentise software allows any change in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), whether it is consolidating multiple EBS instances, changing configurations, or separating data. The user defines the target data structure (i.e. either an existing instance or existing ledger or OU or inventory organization, or a new calendar, a new flexfield, etc.) eprentise Software analyzes the difference between the source and target and automatically generates code to copy, filter, change, move, and merge the source data into the target structure. An underlying eprentise engine (Metadata Analysis) analyzes the data structures, relationships and other database objects.

Once the Metadata Analysis is complete, rule templates are used to generate the code required to copy, filter, change, move, or merge the source data to the desired target data structure. In the process, the source and target will be compared, conflicts resolved, standards applied, and differences in business processes reconciled.

eprentise Software automatically identifies and resolves gaps between the source and the target and applies changes in the correct sequence to maintain the data integrity, resulting in complete, consistent and correct data that are aligned with the business processes.

With eprentise, the rules may be revised as many times as needed until the desired results are achieved. Since the software can be re-used and it retains all learned rules in a knowledge base, it offers the possibility of replicating results in other contexts or business units of an enterprise at minimum cost and in minimal time.

The Process

Set up test environment.

Run our software = no coding or manual intervention.

Result: Complete, consistent and correct data without reimplementation.

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