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Add Value for Your Clients by Using eprentise Software

By introducing eprentise software to your clients, your firm is able to add value to multiple links in the chain: decreasing the cost to the client, minimizing risk, decreasing project time, ensuring an end result that is exactly what the client wants all while increasing your profitability. Our out-of-the-box, proven software ensures complete, consistent, and correct results every time for confidence you and your client can rely on.

The Partner Program at eprentise can help you maximize revenue opportunities with your client base and deliver a unique, world-class solution for your Oracle® EBS customers.


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How It Works

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The eprentise Partner Program provides consultants and system integrators the opportunity to establish their organizations as users and supporters of modern, industry-standard software that enables EBS organizations to achieve a high level of data quality and integrity as they make changes to their mission-critical EBS systems. The relationships we develop with our consulting and systems integration partners encourage streamlined project management and deployment, a faster time-to-value for our partners and their clients, successful projects, and a better return on investment for all parties involved.

At eprentise, we work directly with end-user customers and consulting partners who are looking to make a variety of changes to Oracle® E-Business Suite. Often EBS customers find themselves plagued by obsolete setups and configurations, or they are experiencing challenges when they are merging, acquiring, divesting or reorganizing their business, or when trying to leave EBS to migrate to the cloud or another ERP.  Using our software to perform database changes adds value to both sides: consulting partners enjoy higher margins and build credibility resulting from successful projects, while the customer benefits from shorter project times and lower project costs.

To join the eprentise Partner Program, please submit a short form.  You can also contact us for further information at

Benefits to Partners:

  • Make yourself a strategic differentiator with leading-edge technology
  • Obtain higher margins on larger projects
  • Require less technical resources for larger projects because software automatically generates and executes code
  • Shorter project durations
  • Impress clients with fast and easy FlexField projects that can lead to greater future opportunities
  • Focus on business issues and analysis rather than tedious tasks
  • Mitigate project risks and maximize project successes
  • Outbid your competitors with a more comprehensive and affordable solution
  • Remain flexible to changing requirements without a significant amount of recoding

Benefits to Customers:

  • Lower cost while shortening project duration and requiring fewer resources
  • Ensure Complete, Consistent, and Correct results
  • Achieve repeatable results, reusable as requirements change
  • Tackle complex business challenges which cannot be met with a typical conversion approach
  • Eliminate need to “qualify” consultants on technical skills
  • Maintain database integrity
  • Streamline testing time & effort
  • Retain all history and a clean audit trail
  • Easier migration to the cloud or other ERP
  • Align structures to reflect evolved business environment

The eprentise Partner Program is a simple and straightforward channel partner program that functions like a referral program.  If a partner brings a qualified opportunity to eprentise that results in a sale, and they have an eprentise partner agreement signed, they are eligible to receive commissions.

eprentise provides:

  • Sales assistance and support for you and your team
  • Marketing materials and other product information via a dedicated partner download site
  • Software license
  • Product usage support (remote)

Partner provides all services outside of the eprentise software including:

  • The pre- and post- services that are not covered by our software
  • Project management
  • Hard-coded RICE-W activities such as interfaces to third-party systems
  • Data warehouse tasks
  • EBS upgrades & new module implementation
  • Customized reports and workflows
  • Testing, cutover strategy and execution

This is why our program is successful for partners.  We do not have a consulting team and therefore don’t compete with our partners for their services. There is no cost to join our program, no revenue commitments to meet, and no training certifications required.  We have long-standing working relationships with independent consultants, regional, global, and major consulting companies. 

To join the eprentise Partner Program, please submit a short form.

To register a deal with eprentise, please complete a Deal Registration form on your eprentise Partner Resource Portal.

You can also contact us for further information at

The Process

Work with your clients to identify their business change, such as consolidation, reorganization or standardization.

Our software automatically generates the code to copy, filter, change, move, and merge the source data into the user-defined target data structure.

Result: Complete, Consistent and Correct data

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